Derisking a major investment

Client: A major entertainment company

The issue

A major international business was considering entering a new market vertical. The vertical was under intense political scrutiny across the UK and the European Union, posing a significant regulatory risk to the client.

Taso Advisory were retained to undertake a detailed political risk assessment across the UK  and European Union, and to provide recommendations for the client.

What we did

Taso Advisory defined a clear research framework for the client to ensure that the final product met their needs. Following this we undertook detailed research of policy and political developments. We augmented this with primary interviews of policy makers and industry insiders.

We brought a significant amount of evidence together to provide a clear overview and forecast for the client. We used this to deliver actionable recommendations for the client in a professionally presented report.

What we achieved

Taso Advisory’s research and recommendations were well received by senior leaders in the client organisation. Our work informed the client’s investment strategy, allowing for significant capital to be deployed with a tolerable risk level. This investment has been highly successful and our predictions have been proved right.


Taso Advisory has received repeat instructions from this client to continue supporting their investment in markets facing political and regulatory risk.


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